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New Product Release - Padstones

Introducing Centurion Concrete Products – A 32-Year Family Legacy of Quality Construction Materials! At Centurion Concrete Products, we've built a reputation as a leading manufacturer of concrete posts, bases and fence panels, serving the needs of suppliers across the industry. We're not just about meeting expectations; we're about exceeding them. Our dedication to quality and innovation has led us to expand our product line, now featuring high-quality decking posts, perfect for enhancing outdoor spaces.

Today, we are thrilled to introduce our latest offering - Padstones, designed to provide superior structural support and stability. If you're a supplier looking for reliable, top-grade construction materials, we invite you to explore the benefits of our new padstones and discover how they can enhance the strength and durability of your projects.


Concrete padstones are essential components in construction and engineering projects, known for their remarkable ability to distribute and support heavy loads efficiently. These sturdy rectangular blocks of concrete serve as crucial underpinning elements in various applications. Padstones are primarily used to:

  • Support Structural Beams

  • Transfer Loads

  • Reinforce Masonry and Masonry Work

  • Bridge Gaps and Uneven Surfaces

  • Minimize Settlement and Subsidence

In essence, concrete padstones are indispensable in ensuring the long-term structural integrity of buildings, supporting heavy loads and maintaining the overall stability and safety of construction projects. Their versatility and strength make them a fundamental component in various applications across the construction and engineering industries.

Exploring the Versatility of Centurion's High-Quality Padstones in Multiple Size

At Centurion Concrete Products, we take pride in manufacturing high-quality padstones in a range of sizes to suit the diverse needs of construction and engineering projects. Our padstones are available in the following dimensions:

440 x 215 x 100: This size is perfect for applications where a compact but robust padstone is required to evenly distribute loads and provide reliable support.

440 x 215 x 140: When you need a padstone with a bit more height for increased load-bearing capacity, our 440 x 215 x 140 size is an excellent choice.

440 x 140 x 100: For situations where you require a balance of dimensions, our 440 x 140 x 100 padstone offers versatility and strength for various structural needs.

No matter the size you choose, you can trust Centurion Concrete Products to provide padstones of exceptional quality, designed to meet the rigorous demands of your construction or engineering project.

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