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Elevate your fencing with the sophistication of Centurion Concrete Products' Steel-Reinforced Concrete Plain Base Panels, often referred to as gravel boards, boasting a flawlessly smooth finish. Crafted for seamless integration into concrete posts, these base panels redefine the aesthetic appeal of your fencing project.


The ingeniously slotted posts facilitate an effortless installation process – simply slide in your base panel first, followed by your fence panel, for a sleek and secure fit. These concrete bases are purposefully designed to nestle beneath wooden fences, preventing ground contact and potential rotting, or strategically holding back soil on different levels. 

Unlock the versatility of these base panels, as they can be artfully stacked atop one another, creating a formidable concrete panel fence that stands the test of time.


Available in two convenient sizes:


1.83m (6ft) x 150mm (6″) approx.
1.83m (6ft) x 300mm (1ft) approx.

2.13m (7ft) x 290mm (1ft) approx.


Choose Centurion Concrete Products for an unmatched combination of style and durability in your fencing solutions.

Concrete Plain Bases

PriceFrom £9.00
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