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Introducing our premier Wooden Close Board Fencing Panels, meticulously crafted from vertical feather edge boards that are artfully overlapped and securely affixed to multiple rear horizontal supporting wooden rails. A testament to strength and resilience, Close Board panels stand out as the go-to choice for boundary screening, offering unparalleled robustness compared to common waney panels. 


Each Close Board fencing panel is thoughtfully supplied with a top capping, providing a finishing touch that enhances both aesthetics and durability.


The rough-sawn timber undergoes a meticulous pressure dip treatment, a testament to our commitment to longevity. This process ensures comprehensive protection against rot, guaranteeing that your fencing panels withstand the test of time.


Experience the pinnacle of fencing solutions with our Close Board panel, renowned as our most popular offering. It seamlessly combines excellence in strength, durability, and security, all at a reasonable and competitive price point. Elevate your outdoor spaces with a fencing solution that embodies quality, craftsmanship, and affordability.

Close Board Fence Panel

PriceFrom £28.50
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