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Elevate your outdoor space with Centurion Concrete Products' exquisite trellis fence panels. Our versatile trellis fences serve as both a functional boundary solution and an elegant addition to your garden. Meticulously crafted from premium wooden trellis panels, our garden trellis is a perfect blend of beauty and durability.


Designed to meet your diverse needs, our trellis fences seamlessly integrate with slotted posts, offering a stylish perimeter fencing option. Alternatively, they can be installed against a wall to enhance the charm of climbing plants, creating a picturesque garden oasis.


Experience the epitome of craftsmanship with our in-house manufactured wooden garden trellis, meticulously crafted using the finest woods. The result is a collection of top-quality garden fence panels that not only provide security but also exude timeless elegance.


Choose from a range of sizes to suit your preferences and requirements:

-  6' x 1' (1.83m x 0.30mm)
-  6' x 2'(1.83m x 0.60mm)
-  6' x 3' (1.83m x 0.90mm)
-  6' x 4' (1.83m x 1.20mm) 
-  6' x 5' (1.83m x 1.50mm)
-  6' x 6' (1.83m x 1.80mm)


Transform your outdoor living space with Centurion Concrete Products' trellis fence panels – where quality meets sophistication.


PriceFrom £17.65
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