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Introducing our Wooden Waney Garden Fencing Panels, renowned as Overlap or Larch Lap Fence Panels, they stand as the epitome of popular fencing choices in the UK. Perfect for defining garden boundaries, these panels not only provide an economic screening solution but also exude timeless charm.


Crafted from waney edge boards expertly overlapped horizontally, our Waney fence panels boast a sturdy frame with rectangular battens and are impeccably finished with a top capping. The rough sawn timber undergoes a meticulous dip treatment, ensuring robust protection against rot.


Among the most budget-friendly options in our collection, Waney fence panels present an economical and classic fencing solution, making them an ideal choice for those seeking both affordability and tradition.


And for your convenience, each panel comes complete with a fitted top cap, adding the perfect finishing touch to your fencing project.

Waney Lap Fence Panel

PriceFrom £12.45
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